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Soyfit values and understands everyone’s private information. To better protect your privacy, we provide this notice of explanation so that you are aware of your personal information that is collected will not be given to anyone else. All personal information submitted to us will be only used for record and billing purposes. We agree not to rent, sell, share or release any information to any individual or third party with expectation as required by Law, Regulation or Governmental Authority.

How Soyfit Products uses your information:

  • To process all orders that was inquired by new or current clients.
  • To ship our product to and from customers.
  • To process and respond to inquiries.
  • To improve the content of the website.
  • To send you email with information of your order or request, notifying you of status order or any product recall related product or service information. Also in to receiving occasional our news, updates, promotions and offer.

Should you have any questions or concerns about these privacy policies, feel free to contact us: E-mail: [email protected]


  • We do not sell databases to third parties that contain our customers’ personal information. We are committed to safeguarding your personal information.
  • We may contact you in the event that we wish to inform you of other products and services that we believe may interest you.
  • If we are under an order from a court of law, law enforcement authority, or regulatory agency to render personal details of our customers, such a legal mandate may leave us no choice but to comply. Please be aware that every business, both on and off the internet, is subject to the same privacy limitation.
  • When you order products and provide certain personal information such as your contact details, credit/debit card details, or other payment details, this information may be processed by us on servers that reside outside North America or the European Union. By placing orders for the products, you consent to the transfer of your data to the location(s) at which our servers reside.
  • We may use a third-party credit card merchant to take your payment. This third party will check and process your payment details. There are strict obligations that govern credit card merchants’ handling of personal data. However, we cannot be held responsible for actions by this third party. We accept no liability for loss and/or damage that you may suffer as a result of this third party’s acts and/or omissions. We advise you to print and retain a copy of each card transaction for future reference.
  • There is an inherent risk that any communication, whether by e-mail, fax, telephone, or post, can be intercepted by third-parties. We do not accept any liability for external compromise of security and/or confidentiality in relation to transmissions sent by any of these media.
  • Our site may place cookies on your computer. Cookies are software applications placed on your hard drive by many websites. The aim of a cookie is to track your website preferences and habits in order to make visits more productive. You should ensure that your browser software is set not to accept cookies if you do not wish to receive them.
  • You shall not use this website and any service made available to you via this website to attempt to gain access to and/or interfere with the functioning, operation or security of any network and/or system or in order to monitor a third party’s use of the internet.